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Up to our old tricks

May 26th, 2011 by admin Posted in info, news, renderings, Uncategorized

Back in the day, every time we finished an architectural rendering we’d make a postcard and send it out, announcing to the world how awesome we are.  As time progressed, things got busy and it was harder and harder to find the time to get the postcards out. We decided that with the onset of our 11th year, it was time to get things rolling again.

So with much ado, our 2011 inaugural postcard design:

2011 postcard

BlueLime Studio architectural renderings and animation

Credits go to TVSdesign in Atlanta, Brown Chambless Architects in Montgomery,  HGBD in Savannah, and Bargmann, Hendrie+Archetype in Boston.

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  2. By Russell Thomas on Jul 17, 2012

    Good idea on keeping clients thinking of you when their next project comes up.

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