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Out With the Old, In With the BLU

May 28th, 2008 by admin Posted in animation, industry info, motion graphics

Regular DVD's now living in the shadow of Blu-Ray

I can’t explain with just words how awesome Blu-Ray is; but I’ll give it a shot! We have just completed a very large project that was output to Blu-Ray and it looks phenomenal! DVD’s have finally been laid to rest (in my humble opinion). Now all we need is for technology to become cheaper and more readily available so everyone can enjoy this leap forward in video entertainment.

I’ve always been into the DVD spec. Back in my college days I was always trying to push the envelope with the limitations that DVD spec 1.0 had. After experiencing those limitations and downfalls I had an idea of what I wanted DVD spec 2.0 to consist of. I was severely disappointed when all they added was online content and didn’t even touch the video stream rates, audio capabilities, or looping functions of the menu systems. Although my sound professor and I did end up with a 6 channel, uncompressed audio disc after doing a lot of tricking with the software. The DVD players decoder unfortunately couldn’t keep up with the mass amounts of data and played the audio on all 6 channels, but played it slowed down. Blu-Ray has since been able to achieve that with the introduction of the HDMI connection and multi-S/PDIF connections on audio receivers.

The future is very bright (and higher res!) with Blu-Ray being here. The experience people can now have when buying a movie is so much greater (especially from a developers standpoint). More screen space, better menu animation/looping functionality, serious online content which can be downloaded and played interactively with the disc. Maybe now people will actually watch the extra features.

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