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BlueLime Studio, Inc. Architectural Rendering and Animation

Give me options!

May 8th, 2008 by Ken Posted in news, renderings

Every client we work with uses our images in a different work flow.  Some have a final design and solid set of construction drawings, so they only need the visual images to complete their projects.  On the far end of the spectrum are the clients who have no idea what the final design will look like, but have some thoughts on what may be possible, and need someone to take their ideas and give them form.  The range that falls in between are generally designers who know what they are targeting, but find our service to be an additional design element available to them.  This can be anything from material changes to design alterations.

In this first set of architectural renderings you can see the progression of material changes from the simple white box to wood veneer and finally painted sheetrock.

architectural rendering of Thayer Academyarchitectural rendering of Thayer Academyarchitectural rendering of Thayer Academyarchitectural rendering of Thayer Academy

This second set of architectural renderings shows a change in form as well as some material changes, and then finally, some detail tweaks.  Can you tell what’s changed?

Architectural rendering of 320 Summer StArchitectural rendering of 320 Summer St.3d Interior Rendering of 320 Summer St.3d Interior Rendering of 320 Summer St.

This third set shows the progression of form much more dramatically.  You can see how the original design intention changed over several design reviews in both form and material.  I think the final design was well worth the changes.

Architectural Rendering of 2 Financial Center3D Architectural Rendering of 2 Financial CenterArchitectural Rendering of 2 Financial Center Boston2 Financial Center 3d interior rendering


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